Water Heater

BrightRidge ELECTRIC Water Heater Incentive Program

Upon presentation of proof of purchase of a new, electric water heater meeting the BrightRidge specifications and installation of a TALO water heater device, BrightRidge will credit the customer's energy account. Incentives are based on the qualifications per the Water Heater Incentive Schedule (below). Multiple TALO devices may be installed and may qualify for incentives provided there are additional qualifying water heaters available for TALO device installs. Some exclusions may apply. Contact BrightRidge Energy Services & Marketing at 423-952-5142 for clarification.

Instructions to Participate

  1. A proof of purchase is required. Customers must provide an invoice or receipt.
  2. Sign the Water Heater Incentive Request Form upon presentation of proof of purchase to BrightRidge Energy Services & Marketing Department.
  3. BrightRidge reserves the right to inspect any or all water heater installations.
  4. A BrightRidge representative will contact the homeowner to schedule a time for a BrightRidge service member to install the TALO device on the water heater(s). The average time to install this device is about 30 minutes. Once the device has been installed, customers will receive the water heater incentive as a credit on their energy bill (allow 4 – 6 weeks). In addition, customers may take advantage of the FREE thermostat and element water heater maintenance/replacement for any water heater where by which the TALO device has been installed provided replacement parts are readily available. *Some exclusions may apply.

Water Heater Incentive Schedule:

  1. Water heater incentives are available for retrofit and for new construction; however, individuals already participating in other energy right® TVA programs are not eligible to receive additional incentives.
  2. Minimum size of 38 gallon water heater.
  3. Must be installed on BrightRidge's distribution system.
  4. Must meet all applicable building codes.
  5. Documentation must be presented to BrightRidge within 90 days of purchase and installation.
  6. Other exclusions may apply. BrightRidge reserves the right to change or terminate this program at any time.

Customer Benefits:

Each qualifying customer will receive the following benefits:

  1. $40 incentive for installation of new, electric water heater (credit on bill)
  2. Free water heater element replacement
  3. Free water heater thermostat replacement
  4. Personal satisfaction – working together to keep rates as low as possible.

If you meet the above criteria and would like to sign up for the Water Heater Incentive Program click HERE. Simply, print this PDF agreement, complete, sign and return

Return either by email or mailing to BrightRidge.

  1. Scan, save as pdf, and email to energyservices@jcpb.com.
  2. Mail to:
    Attn: Marketing/TALO
    PO Box 1636
    Johnson City, TN 37605