Green Power Providers

Green Power Providers (GPP) provides incentives for the installation of qualifying renewable generation systems. Formerly known as Generation Partners, GPP offers many of the same incentives. By creating a market for green power generation by homeowners and businesses, GPP defrays the cost of renewable system installations by lowering monthly energy bills via received revenue from sold green power by the home or business owner. By installing qualifying renewable generation systems, residents of the Tennessee Valley support keeping the environment clean. In addition, participants earn credits that are applied toward the electric bill of the home or business.


Effective January 1, 2014, BrightRidge will charge a $50, non-refundable capacity reservation fee for applicants requesting reserved capacity. Reservation requests will be accepted as capacity is available per TVA. If the capacity is approved, participants may begin the Green Power Providers application process.

Step 1: Complete Capacity Reservation Request Form and submit $50 payment to BrightRidge Marketing Department. Call 423-952-5142 or email

Step 2: If approved, you will be notified and you may begin the Green Power Providers application process.

How does GPP work?

Eligible generation systems include the following: solar, wind, biomass and hydro. BrightRidge will read the meters for both energy used and consumed at the residence or business. The customer is guaranteed the retail rate for 20 years at the start of the agreement. Payments are issued in the form of a monetary credit on the participant’s monthly energy bill. From start to finish, the project must be complete within 180 days. The 180 days begin the date TVA approves the project and issues the Participation Agreement. If the installation project exceeds the 180 days from the approval date, all paperwork will need to re-submitted and the participant will be billed another Application Fee ($500), assuming capacity remains available.

Retail: TVA will purchase 100% of the green energy output at the BrightRidge retail rate, plus any fuel cost adjustments. Credits are issued at the retail rate. The DCRA rate only applies to consumed electricity; therefore, is not included as part of the reimbursement.

Commercial: Reimbursements for commercial participants will be paid at BrightRidge’s GSA-1 retail rate.

Where can I buy these systems?

TVA and BrightRidge do not recommend specific contractors, vendors or installers. It is recommended researching contractors to ensure quality work. HOWEVER, all installers must have completed the North American Board of Certified Energy Professionals (NABCEP) Associate Level Certification and received an Achievement Award, or have completed the requirements and standards of NABCEP to become a Certified PV Installer. Visit for a list of NABCEP installers.

How much does the average generation system cost?

Industry estimates are between $3,000 and $3,500 per kW (1000 watts). The average residential system size is between 8 and 10 kW. Using this estimate, the average cost may vary between $25,000 and $35,000. Please note this is only an estimate and prices may vary among installer and the type of equipment installed.

Is financing available?

BrightRidge does not offer financing for power generation systems.

What are the reimbursement rates and incentives?

The reimbursement rates are determined by TVA and may vary from year to year based on technology, cost, market, budget and value. Tax credits may be available for qualifying systems. For information, visit:

Are there any additional fees?

Yes, there are GPP fees that will be collected upon submission of the Capacity Reservation Request, Interconnection & Parallel Operation Agreement and Aid to Construction Fees (if applicable).

General Fees

Capacity Reservation Request $50
Application Fee or Unsolicited Proposal Fee $500 - $1,000
Engineering Fee (single or three phase) $200 - $300
Interconnection fee ($50 per kw; $250 minimum) $250 - $2,500

General fees will be collected in the BrightRidge Energy Services & Marketing Department upon submission of the Interconnection & Parallel Operation Agreement, and prior to approving the Participation Agreement. These fees may be paid to via check or credit card and are non-refundable.

Aid to Construction Fees

Aid to construction fees will be charged only if applicable. Some installations require additional equipment and/or work beyond the norm. Any such additional charges will be determined at the site visit by the BrightRidge engineer. Following site meeting, the BrightRidge engineer will provide the customer with a written estimate. The customer will only be billed for the materials and labor directly related referenced location. Fees will vary depending on the amount of work and materials required. Aid to construction fees are collected in the BrightRidge engineering or customer service/cashier departments.

What’s the next step?

Follow the Green Power Providers Project Form as a guide for the order of process you will need to follow for completion of the project and to make certain that all paperwork is completed accordingly. Furthermore, it is important these steps are followed to ensure that you receive appropriate credits and incentives.

Visit and start the Green Power Providers option. Contact BrightRidge’s Energy Services & Marketing Department at 423-952-5142 or email for additional information.

Downloadable PDF forms you will need. (GPP Packet)

Form Description Signature Required
Green Power Providers Project Form

Form that will guide you through the work completion and paperwork process for GPP. You do not submit this form to BrightRidge. It’s for you to use as a guide.

No signature required.

BrightRidge Interconnection Policy

BrightRidge policy for interconnection with the customer; summarizes the fees the customer will/may be charged.

No Signature required.

BrightRidge Interconnection & Parallel Operation Agreement

Agreement to the policy for interconnection.

Signature required.

Electrical Diagram

Instruction diagram for interconnection.


GPP Guidelines

Program Participation Guidelines.