What’s Take A Load Off?

TALOTake A Load Off (TALO) participants receive a free direct load control device on their water heater. The direct load control device will reduce participants’ demand for electricity during peak energy times. The amount of electricity saved by turning off just one water heater element is relatively small; however, thousands of TALO participants could result in significant energy reduction during peak usage times. As a public power company, when BrightRidge reduces our wholesale energy costs we are able to pass those savings on to you.

How does TALO work – water heaters?

As an example, assume that most BrightRidge customers use hot water early in the morning. Once water is used, the water heater fills with cool water and elements heat the water for the next use. However, after morning showers, many of us will not need additional hot water again for several hours. It is during this time that BrightRidge may activate the TALO water heater switch to postpone heating the water for a brief time.

Customers should still have hot water during times when the TALO device may be activated. Electric water heaters only operate a few hours a day to keep water at a constant temperature based on the thermostat setting. The water stays hot in an insulated tank until needed. Events are sparingly called so the impact on the hot water heating is limited. Events typically last two hours, but could potentially last up to six hours.

How do I know if I qualify as a TALO participant?

In order to qualify to participate in the program, you must be the owner of the home/condo unit and your name must be on the electric account. In addition, the water heater must be electric and the minimum tank size should be greater than 38 gallons. Customers may install multiple devices provided there are multiple qualifying water heaters located within the home (must be served by same account).

These exclusions apply:

  • Home not on permanent foundation.
  • Water heater in poor condition, old, or inaccessible.
  • Tank size is less than 38 gallons.
  • Unit is heat pump water heater or instantaneous water heater.
  • Unit is a gas water heater.
    *Other exclusions may apply.

What’s in it for me?

Each qualifying customer will receive the following benefits:

  1. $40 incentive for each TALO device installed (credit on bill)
  2. Free water heater element replacement
  3. Free water heater thermostat replacement
  4. Personal satisfaction – working together to keep rates as low as possible.
    *The maintenance only covers replacement of water heater elements and/or mechanical thermostats as long as parts are readily available, and the program is in place.

Can I participate if I live in an apartment or rent?

Apartments are considered “multi-family” units (MDUs). The one-time monetary incentive for a multi-family residence is $25 for each load control device installed on any qualifying water heater. The one-time incentive payout is payable to the owner of the multi-family complex. Owners of MDUs should contact BrightRidge Energy Services & Marketing at 423-952-5142 for additional information.

How do I sign up?

Customers may sign up for the Take A Load Off Program by completing this form: TALO (Take A Load Off) – Agreement to Participate. Simply, print this PDF agreement, complete, sign and return.

Return via following:

  1. Scan, save as pdf, and email to energyservices@jcpb.com.
  2. Mail to:
    Attn: Marketing/TALO
    PO Box 1636
    Johnson City, TN 37605

The TALO program is available for commercial accounts and multi-family dwellings (i.e. apartments, condos, etc.). The owner of the property must be the authorizing individual for participation in the program regardless of whether or not the electric service is in their name. For additional information about TALO application for commercial or multi-family dwellings, please contact our Energy Services & Marketing Department at 952-5142.

TALO & energy right® Programs?

Effective December 1, 2014, in order to qualify for incentives through the energy right® programs, customers shall permit BrightRidge to install a TALO device on at least one water heater in the home (same location/account number as is program participation). Qualifying customers also receive free thermostat and element maintenance for any water heater on which the TALO device has been installed provided replacement parts are readily available.

The energy right® Solutions programs are offered by TVA and its Local Power Companies (LPC’s), such as BrightRidge. The energy right® programs offer customers various incentives for implementing qualifying energy-saving measures in their homes. The energy right® Solutions residential suite includes these programs:

Simply follow the links above for specific additional energy right® program information or call Energy Services & Marketing at 423-952-5142.

TALO Incentive Schedule & energy right® Programs

Program Load Control
Device Required
(thermostats & elements)
  Yes No Yes No Yes No
eScore X $40 X
Heat Pump X $40 X
New Homes X $40 - X
Water Heater X $40 - X
Surge X $40 X

* Qualifying customers will receive an additional $40 for the TALO device for the New Homes Program. The incentive for the New Homes Program will be paid via check (not a bill credit) to the property owner/name on account according to energy right® program guideline reimbursement schedule.