Surge Protection

Surge ProtectionThe Meter Base Surge Protector (MBSP) by TESCO is specifically designed to reduce external catastrophic, high-voltage spikes and surges to a manageable level. The MBSP is accompanied by a ten-year manufacturer’s warranty for various appliances should the service entrance device fail resulting in transient damage. The ten-year limited warranty is made available through TESCO Corporation, not Johnson City Power Board.

The MBSP may be purchased for a one-time purchase price of $250, plus tax or purchased by way of a 12-month installment plan with payments of $25.00 per month for qualified applicants. As per the National Electric Code, the electrical ohms are to be checked prior to the installation of the MBSP. If the impedance of the existing ground rod is more than 25 ohms (as measured by a ground rod test instrument), an additional rod should be installed. If a ground is installed, the customer will be charged an additional flat-fee charge of $50.00 per ground rod.

Warranty & Purchase Agreement

This service is only made available for residential customers. Commercial customers interested in surge protection should consult with an electrician or you may contact one of our key account representatives for additional information.

How to Participate:

  1. Sign and return the Meter Base Surge Protector Purchase Agreement to JCPB’s Energy Services & Marketing Department. Only the individual’s whose name is on the account will be eligible to sign the agreement.
  2. Pay the $250, plus tax charge for the MBSP device.
    *Note: If an additional ground rod is installed, you will be charged an additional flat-fee charge of $50.00 per ground rod per their monthly invoice.
  3. Upon receipt of the completed and signed Meter Base Surge Protector Purchase Agreement and payment, we will process your order to install the meter base device.
    *Note: The limited warranty coverage is available through TESCO for a period of ten-years. Following the ten-year period, the device may continue to provide protection; however, after ten years warranty coverage expires.

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