Electric Grills

Cook the easy way with an ELECTRIC grill. Less than 20 cents per hour to operate. Electric grills are available for sale at the JCPB Customer Service Center located at 2600 Boones Creek Road, Johnson City. Click HERE for directions. No shipping.


Electric Grill

Advantages of Electric Grills

  1. Low operating cost. Only 20 cents per hour to operate!
  2. Easy to clean.
  3. Easy to use.
  4. No briquettes or starter fluid required.
  5. No tank required; thus, no gas or propane needed.

Purchasing Information

  1. Prices are as follows:
    Electric Cart Grill: $174.95, plus tax
    Electric Lock-n-Go Grill: $64.95, plus tax
  2. Grills are available for purchase at JCPB. Grills are NOT sold via the internet; no shipping. Contact JCPB's Energy Services & Marketing Department for details at 952-5142 or email.
  3. Grills are sold unassembled.
  4. Acceptable methods of payment are: cash or credit card (VISA, Mastercard, or Discover). Financing for grill purchases is NOT available.

* Verify Rates

We are committed to providing current, accurate rate information. It is our goal to update this site as changes occur. However, rates are subject to change without notice. Customers are encouraged to verify pricing with a JCPB representative prior to purchasing.

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