BrightRidge On-line Service Agreement

BrightRidge is hereby requested to supply electricity to the applicant by authorization as either owner or by his/her agent or guarantor at the address indicated on the corresponding online application. By submitting the online application, the CUSTOMER agrees to pay for electricity consumed according to the monthly meter reading and at the Board’s published rates applicable to such services, and to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the said BrightRidge for such services, including Customer maintaining his/her/its wiring and electrical equipment in conformance with all applicable standards. In case the Customer should become in arrears in payment for service rendered or a deficiency in Customer’s wiring or equipment be detected, a duly authorized agent of BrightRidge is hereby authorized to enter the premises of the Customer and remove the meter. In the case of a delinquent account, I/we understand that the overdue balance must be paid along with reconnection fees and deposit (if applicable), as a condition to reconnection of service. I/we understand that service may be denied me/us at this or any other location as long as this account remains in arrears and I/we agree that any such prior balance can be added to any other present or future account of mine/ours with BrightRidge.

I/we understand that it is a violation of state law to apply for service with the intent to avoid payment of lawful price or for any person to assist another in avoiding payment for electricity, either through making of multiple applications for service at one address, or otherwise. For value received I/we hereby guarantee payment of all bills that may become due under the above service contract.

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