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BrightRidge reads meters on thirty-day cycles, with some exceptions. The cycle or route you live on determines when your meter is read during the month. BrightRidge works constantly to make sure that its meters operate within required accuracy standards. It is our goal as your energy supplier to provide the most accurate meter and correct reading possible.

By learning how to read your own meter, you may enable yourself to become more aware of your household's daily energy usage. Thus, you may learn to better control your usage, which may save money on your monthly bills.

How to Read Digital Meters

  • Step 1: Read the digital screen from LEFT to RIGHT.
  • Step 2: Record the numbers as you read them (LEFT to RIGHT).

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Sample Bill Calculation

Reading your meter and learning to calculate your bill is easy. This sample calculation is for a residential bill only. Bill calculations for commercial and industrial customers vary. If you are a commercial and industrial customer and have questions concerning your bill, contact one of our Key Account Representatives.

Step 1: Subtract the previous reading from the present reading.

Present reading 2861 - Previous reading 1750 = 1111 kWhs

Step 2: Multiply the total kWh usage times the residential kWh rate.

1111 kWh usage x .09824 = $109.14

Step 3: Add the total base bill and customer charge together.

Total base bill $109.14
Customer charge $18.48
Total energy bill $127.62

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