Paperless Billing

Paperless billing is a great way to avoid extra paper clutter. You will still be billed monthly, however, you won’t receive a paper bill. With paperless billing, you can choose to view your bill via SmartHub. Sign up today!

Five Reasons Why Paperless Billing is a Good Choice!

  1. Avoid late fees.
    Are you one of those busy people who occasionally forgets to pay a bill now and then? Consider this: Let’s say your bill averages $150 per month, and you pay the 5% late fees about 50% of the time. In a year’s time, you have unnecessarily paid almost an additional $50.
  2. Save money.
    Save the stamp. Avoid paying almost an additional $6 per year to buy stamps in order to mail your payment in. Hey, that’s enough for a value meal at your favorite fast-food stop.
  3. Save time.
    Avoid opening and sorting bills, writing checks, and mailing payments. Paperless billing allows you to quickly cross this task off the monthly chore list.
  4. Protect against identity theft.
    Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. Avoid sensitive information being stolen from your mailbox or trash can.
  5. Better for the environment.
    Help conserve our natural resources by switching to paperless billing. Switching to paperless billing helps you do your part in reducing gasoline consumption, avoiding greenhouse gases, and helping save trees.

How do I sign up?

  1. Log on to your SmartHub account. If you have not set up a SmartHub account, you will need to do that first by clicking HERE first.
  2. Select “My Profile.”
  3. Select “My Information.”
  4. Select “Update My Printed Bill Settings,” and click the white area beside the “on” button.
  5. Select “yes” to stop receiving printed bills in the pop-up window that says “Printed bill.”

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