Flexible Due Date

Make paying bills more convenient with a flexible due date! With the Flexible Due Date you can change the day your bills are due and enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Have more control over your bill
  2. Make household budgeting easier
  3. Provides flexibility
  4. Beneficial if you’re on a fixed income or receive a paycheck or other income only once a month

Flexible Due Date Application Process and Requirements

  1. You must be a bank draft customer tied to a checking/savings account.
  2. Complete flexible due date form.
  3. Mail or fax application and deposit slip (if savings account) or voided check (if checking account) to the following address:
    ATTN: Accounting Services/Bank draft
    PO Box 1636
    Johnson City, TN 37605-1636
    Fax: (423) 952-5130
  4. Once the customer receives bank draft notification on their bill, the amount due for that particular billing period will be drafted per the date at the bottom and top of the bill.

Please call a Customer Service Advocate at 423-952-5272 , option 3 for inquiries.

Flexible Due Date Form