Scheduled Outages

As a courtesy to key commercial and industrial accounts, BrightRidge will disconnect and reconnect service for such customers as requested for scanning, equipment cleaning, electrical tests, maintenance, and the like. If you are a key commercial and industrial account, you may schedule this service on-line and by contacting the service department at (423) 952-5025.

Any charge for this service? If the request for disconnect/reconnect is made during regular business hours, Monday thru Friday, 8 am – 5 pm the customer will not be charged. If the request for disconnect/reconnect is made during NON-business hours, the customer will be charged. For an estimate for requests made during non-business hours, contact the service department at (423) 952-5025.

Instructions and guidelines for scheduling an outage on-line:

  1. If the request is due to preventive maintenance, tightening, cleaning, scanning, etc. with NO modification to the equipment, an electrical permit or visit from the city or county electrical inspector would NOT be required. Click HERE to proceed.

    NOTE: If you do not receive a call back within a considerable amount of time from a BrightRidge service department representative, you should call the service department at (423-952- 5025, option 5 during regular business hours for confirmation as to your request.

  2. If the work is an emergency situation, which may require repairs or modification, an electrical permit WOULD be required. Emergency permits should be picked up at either the Johnson City – City Hall or County Inspector’s Office.

    City Customers:
    Johnson City – City Hall
    601 E Main Street, Johnson City
    Monday thru Friday, 8 am – 5 pm

    County Customers:
    Washington County Inspector’s Office
    (located inside BrightRidge Engineering Building “B”)
    2600 Boones Creek Road, Johnson City
    Monday thru Thursday, 8 am – 9:30 am

    City or County Customers – AFTER HOURS:
    If an emergency electrical permit is needed beyond Johnson City – City Hall regular business hours, an emergency permit may be picked up anytime at the BrightRidge office located at 2600 Boones Creek, Entrance #1 at the after-hours station. After hours, call 423-952-5043.

  3. All permits must be purchased by a State Licensed Electrician.

State Electrical Inspector Contact: Click HERE.