Temporary and Permanent Electrical Service

BrightRidge is committed to providing safe, reliable electric service at a reasonable cost. We understand that meeting your construction needs and scheduling is important. In order to make the process of obtaining service for new construction as trouble-free as possible, the following steps are designed to guide you through the process to obtain service:

  1. You must have a 911 Address.
    1. City of Johnson City-Johnson City Planning Department. 423-434-6071.
    2. Washington County- Washington County Zoning Department. 423-753-1587.
    3. Sullivan County- Sullivan County Zoning Department. 423-323-2034.
  2. Schedule an appointment with BrightRidge Engineering Department.

    You may schedule an appointment with the Engineering Department by calling 423-952-5034. The Engineering Department will provide a work order number for the job. Please allow a three to four day notice regarding appointment scheduling.

  3. An electric permit is required.
    1. Washington and Sullivan County - State Electrical Inspector at 423-282-6742, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 7:30am to 9:30am.
    2. Johnson City - Johnson City Electrical Inspector at 423-434-6048.
  4. An inspection and service order are required.

    *All construction charges must be paid before a service order can be made.
    *It is the responsibility of the customer to contact BrightRidge to request service when all of the previous steps are complete.

    1. Temporary Service
      1. Electrical Inspection
      2. A temporary service order may be obtained by calling the BrightRidge Application Department at 423-952-5010. (If you plan to use the same temporary service for more than one house, BrightRidge requires the temporary service to have the address of the LAST house being built. If this is not possible, there will be a temporary service required for each address.)
    2. Permanent Service
      1. Electrical Inspection
      2. Permanent service orders may be obtained by calling the BrightRidge Application Department at 423-952-5010. Electricians please advise the customer of the need to apply for permanent power. However, the service may be required (by the City) to go into the contractors name first. Contact BrightRidge Application Department for assistance.

*Under no circumstances will power be connected without an inspection or service order.