Terms & Conditions

Invoices are due when issued. Please pay this invoice as soon as it is received. Return payments in the enclosed envelope, pay in person at BrightRidge office, or contact our office for a list of other locations that accept BrightRidge payments. Please note recent payments may not have been deducted from the invoice.

Good payment history. A good payment history may be established by paying monthly energy invoices by the net due date.

Past due invoices. The net amount is due within 15 days from the billing date. After 15 days, a service charge of 5% will be added to the net amount due. Failure to receive an invoice does not release customers from their obligation to pay. Customers who are unable to pay, may call Customer Service at 423-952-5014 or come to the BrightRidge office to discuss a possible payment agreement.

Customers failing to pay invoices on time will be sent a disconnect notice. Disconnect notices indicate the due date and past due amount. Upon expiration of the notice, service may be disconnected. Receiving the next monthly invoice does not replace or void the disconnect notice.

Payment of the past due invoice is required before service is restored. A service reconnect charge will apply and a deposit or additional deposit may also be required.

Returned checks. A $30.00 fee will be charged for all returned checks.