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Learn more about TVA’s Fuel Cost Adjustment

Base Rates

What is the "Base Rates?"
These are the base utility rates for energy (kWh) and demand (kW), excluding all other rates, fees/charges, and taxes.


What is the "FCA Rates?"
Each month TVA implements a Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) that can fluctuate with TVA's fuel and purchased power costs. Therefore, electric rates may increase or decrease slightly based on the amount TVA pays for fuel and purchased power. Learn more about TVA's Fuel Cost Adjustment.

DCRA Rates

What is the "DCRA"?
The Demand Cost Recovery Adjustment (DCRA) is an adjustment applicable to kWh usage based on the prior month's wholesale power rates paid to TVA. The adjustment accounts for changes in peak demand charges which are impacted by weather and customer usage behaviors. BrightRidge's peak demand to TVA is computed on the single highest one hour of usage during the wholesale period. BrightRidge will use a load factor calculation to determine the applicable rate, which may be a charge or credit. The DCRA rate is applicable to residential Rate 22 and small commercial Rate 40.

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