Will Power

Welcome to my home on the web!

You can find my confidential dossier, activity sheets, and fun information to share with your friends.

Take a look around, but watch out for the likes of vAmpere and Resistor!


Coloring Sheets

  • sheet 1
  • sheet 2
  • sheet 3
  • sheet 6
  • sheet 4
  • sheet 5

Click the above pictures to view the images full size, or download each picture so you can print them out at home and color them in.

We’d love to see your finished pages - have someone help you scan or photograph your artwork and email it to willpower@jcpb.com and we might display it here!

Read the Comic

Will PowerWill Power #1 was the feature of the 2009 Annual Report for the BrightRidge.

It contained information about the achievements of the year, but it also was the first public appearance of Will, battling against two wily villains and striving to educate the public.

Click the image to launch the report in a new window and read the comic.