Customer Tree Responsibility

Our goal is to provide dependable, reliable electric service to all customers. Trees that grow too close to power lines have the potential to threaten public safety and your source of power. It is important that BrightRidge and its customers work together to maintain "proper line clearance."

BrightRidge assumes responsibility for maintaining proper clearance around all its substations and most electric utility lines. It is the customer's responsibility to maintain proper clearance from the last pole to their house (i.e. the "service drop"). The diagrams below clearly define each entities' trimming responsibilities.

BrightRidge will provide "cut-loose" service to customers for the purpose of de-energizing the lines so that trees may be removed or trimmed. This service is available at no charge provided the "cut-loose" request is made during these times: Monday thru Friday, 8am - 3pm. Customers will be billed for "cut-loose" service provided beyond the times indicated.

If you would like to schedule "cut-loose" service, please call the BrightRidge Service Department at 423-952-5025 during normal business hours. All "cut-loose" service requests must be made 24-hours prior. BrightRidge reserves the right to reschedule the request in the event of inclement weather, storm repair, power interruptions, etc..

Tree Trimming Diagram

Tree Trimming Diagram