Generator Safety

When the lights go out and you have your trusty portable generator ready, please follow these common sense rules before connecting it to your equipment

  • Report your power outage to the BrightRidge (952-5000) immediately. One call will be sufficient; repeated calls simply overload the reporting system.
  • NEVER connect your generator directly to your house wiring, unless you have a properly installed “double-throw-over” switch. These switches disconnect the house electrical service from the utility supplying source. They disconnect the energized wires and the neutral wire from your service entrance cables. Opening the “Main” switch or breaker will NOT disconnect the neutral conductor. Power from the generator can flow back into the supply system through the neutral conductor, through transformers, creating deadly full line voltages on the lines that utility employees will be working. Pulling the meter will NOT disconnect the neutral and WILL be considered “Unauthorized Tampering” with BrightRidge owned equipment. (Translation – “grief for you!”)
  • When connecting equipment to generators, always be sure the cords are of sufficient size (current carrying capacity) for the load you are connecting. Use a separate cord for each piece of equipment connected. Be sure that all cords are wired correctly.
  • Check your cords to be sure that all insulation is in place or in good repair.
  • If your generator is located in a wet area (outdoors) or cords or equipment are in wet areas, utilize groundfault circuit interrupter protection. These work the same way as your bathroom electric receptacles and trip-off when a short circuit is detected.
  • Never run an internal combustion engine indoors (KEY words: “Carbon Monoxide”).
  • Never refuel a hot engine. Give the motor time to cool down and be careful not to overfill the fuel tank or spill fuel.
  • Have other alternative heat, light and cooking methods available. Furthermore, know how to use them safely.
  • Get as comfortable as possible; try to enjoy the experience of living without modern conveniences with your family, like everyone did before we had all the newfangled stuff. However, rest assured that BrightRidge employees are out in the weather trying their absolute best, with NO short cuts, to get your power back on as SAFELY and quickly as possible.
  • Check out the link below for a simplified wiring diagram to accommodate a portable generator or pick up a copy of this diagram in our Engineering Department.

Click HERE for a diagram indicating proper generator hook – up.

Diagram for Generator Connection