Wiring Permits

All electrical services shall meet the requirements of the National Electric Safety Code and the National Electric Code. Before the electric service is energized all wiring must be inspected and approved by the legally authorized State Electrical Inspector.

Electrical permits must be purchased in advance to get electrical wiring inspected. If an electrician is doing the work his state registration number is required to purchase the permit. BrightRidge offers its customers the convenience of purchasing State Electrical permits for county locations in the Engineering Department during regular office hours. The State Electrical Inspector is also at this location from 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM, Monday through Thursday. Permits for locations within the cities of Johnson City and Kingsport may be obtained through their respective city building departments.

State of Tennessee Wiring Permit Fees

0 - 30 ampere service $27.00
31 - 60 ampere service $27.00
61 - 200 ampere service $27.00
201 - 400 ampere service $40.00
401 - 600 ampere service $50.00
601 - 1000 ampere service $90.00
1001 - capacity & above negotiable
Rough-in inspections $27.00
Inspection of heating and/or cooling unit $27.00
Reinspection based on rejection of a 0 - 1000 ampere capacity varies
Issue agent fee per permit $5.00

* Verify Rates

Our staff is committed to providing current and accurate rate information. It is our goal to update this site as changes occur. However, rates are subject to change without notice. Customers are encouraged to verify pricing with a BrightRidge representative.