Electrical Diagrams

For the convenience of our customers, listed below are various electrical diagrams. For questions regarding electrical diagrams, please contact Engineering at (423) 952-5034.

At the request of electricians and other individuals with expertise in the field of electricity, BrightRidge has been requested to publish generic electrical diagrams for the providing of certain electrical services. These diagrams have been developed by BrightRidge engineering staff on a generic basis for informational purposes only. There is no warranty or guarantee of any kind, expressed or implied, associated with any of these diagrams, and in view of the dangers associated with electrical service, the same should be used in conjunction with work being performed by either licensed electricians or individuals skilled and experienced in such functions. Any such work must be inspected and approved by a City or County State Electrical Inspector prior to the activation of any service associated therewith. Any use of the information contained herein shall be at the user’s sole risk and responsibility.

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