FAQ - Underground Service

Ask A Builder/Contractor Question

Am I responsible for digging the ditch for underground service?

Yes. The customer is responsible for excavation, conduit and all electrical permits. Please contact BrightRidge Engineering Dept. for depth requirements at 423-952-5037.

Can phone, cable TV and power go in the same secondary ditch to the house?

Yes, with one foot vertical and horizontal spacing between BrightRidge cables and any other utility cables.

If BrightRidge is installing conduit for my development, whom do I call?

All conduit installations must be scheduled with BrightRidge Underground Dept. at 423-952-5166.

How close can I plant shrubbery to a pad mount transformer?

Access to a pad mount transformer shall not be restricted. Shrubbery and trees should be planted at least 10 feet from the pad mount transformer. Decorative rock, mulch, and annual plants that do not restrict access to transformer are permitted.