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The Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) provides a variety of energy-related programs and services for its 77,000 plus metered-customers.  Despite many program offerings, JCPB’s number one priority is to provide safe, reliable electricity with minimal to no electric service interruptions.  Recently, JCPB completed the process of transitioning from a municipal utility to an authority.  Following the transition to an authority, a new name is expected within the next several months.  However, please rest assured that our commitment to providing comfort and convenience to you via our electric service will not falter.

In addition to changes within our company structure and the ever-evolving electric industry, technology continues to advance at amazing speeds.  These advancements provide new, innovative ways for local power companies to serve customers beyond electricity.  It is no secret that the JCPB Board of Directors and management team have worked to carefully evaluate and study the possibility of expanding services to include either primarily Internet and/or triple-play services (e.g. telecommunication or broadband services) to its customers.  Triple-play is a standard telecommunications term which includes the provisioning of multiple services; such as, Internet, television, and phone, across a single broadband connection.

It is imperative that reasonable care guide decisions made by the JCPB Board of Directors.  For this reason, the JCPB Board of Directors has secured Magellan Advisors, an international telecommunications consulting and planning firm, to further evaluate offering either Internet and/or triple-play services to customers within the JCPB service area.  On behalf of Magellan Advisors and the JCPB Board of Directors, we need your help by completing an Essential Services Survey. 

Over 1,000 communities nationwide have undergone similar evaluation processes and benefited from the information obtained from these types of surveys.  Survey results have enabled key decision-makers within these municipalities to make more informed business decisions, which better benefit the entire community.  Today, advanced telecommunications services are as critical as electricity was 100 years ago.  Time and again, studies have proven that communities who actively embrace technology and plan ahead reap benefits for years to come.

Your participation in this survey is valued and appreciated.  Please follow the link provided to complete the online survey or contact our Customer Support Center at 423-952-5272 for a hard-copy, and one will be mailed to you.  Surveys will also be made available at strategic anchor institutions city and county wide. The survey will be open for completion now thru the end of June 2017.  Thank you in advance.