No Signs, Please


Posting signs on utility poles is not permitted because it creates a hazard to line workers.  Working around electricity can be very dangerous and the safety of our crews is of utmost importance.  There is enough electrical current in a small, Christmas tree light bulb to stop your heart.

Although today's line crews often perform duties via a bucket truck, they still climb poles occasionally.  This means that a lineman could unknowingly could tear his glove on a nail on a pole and could become serious injured.  "Insulated gloves can be punctured and that's the last thing you want when you are working around 7,200 volts," said Donnie Hall, JCPB Safety & Environmental Manager.

Please consider other means to communicate your event or business, such as, newspaper, Internet, radio, or social media.  We appreciate your cooperation to keep our utility poles clean and our line crews safe.  Please report signs on poles at