Town of Jonesborough: Green Power Leader


On Tuesday, May 6th, the Town of Jonesborough was honored as the “Community of the Year” by TVA for their commitment to renewable energy. The 3rd Annual Green Power Switch Leadership Awards were held in Oak Ridge, TN. Honorees throughout the TVA service area were recognized for their contributions in making renewable energy an increasing part of the TVA generation mix.

Accepting the award on behalf of Jonesborough was Mr. Jeff Thomas, Town of Jonesborough - Division of Solid Waste and Recycling. TVA and Johnson City Power Board would like to thank Jeff, town leaders, and the citizens of Jonesborough for helping make this community a leader in environmental sustainability.

“On behalf of the Mayor of Jonesborough Kelly Wolfe, and the rest of the Board members we say thank you to the Tennessee Valley Authority, Johnson City Power Board, and most of all our citizens of Jonesborough. Jonesborough became a Green Power Community because our leaders felt if it was important enough to ask our residents to participate in the Green Power Program; the Town should set an example. This “Green Power Award” represents our commitment to green power usage, leadership, citizenship engagement, and renewable energy strategies.” –Jeff Thomas