Warning - Phone Scams


Over the past few weeks, several Johnson City Power Board (JCPB) customers have received phone calls from an unknown party posing as a JCPB employee and demanding money to prevent disconnection of electrical services. Reported plots have attempted to intimidate customers using stories about faulty meters or delinquent balances. In several attempts, callers tried to convince unsuspecting victims to purchase a prepaid gift card over the phone to avoid disconnection of services and additional charges.

The Johnson City Police department has assigned an investigator to this case and encourages any victims to register a report by calling 911. JCPD also asks victims to record the caller ID information if possible.

JCPB cautions its customers to be wary of any calls from parties claiming to represent the utility. If there is ever any question as to the true identity of a JCPB representative, concerned customers should ask for the representative’s name, department, and phone number before hanging up and contacting JCPB customer service at (423) 952-JCPB (5272) to confirm the representatives identity and the validity of their requests. Additionally, JCPB does not utilize prepaid gift cards and does not solicit them to its customers.