Question 1:

What do I need to do to transfer my electric service to a new address?

Answer 1:

You may call or come in to speak with our customer support department (423-952-5272, option 3) during regular business hours.

Question 2:

Will I be required to pay a deposit?

Answer 2:

Yes. Deposits are required for all new electric customers. Customers have the option of a credit check through ONLINE Utility Exchange or pay the maximum designated deposit. Those customers with a satisfactory credit score will not be charged a deposit.

Question 3:

I have had electric service for over a month. When will I receive my first bill?

Answer 3:

A typical billing cycle is between 28 and 32 days. At the end of a billing cycle (generally 30 days), BrightRidge will calculate and process your bill. Customers are allowed at least 15 days prior to pay.

Question 4:

What is the availability fee?

Answer 4:

The availability fee is a fixed monthly charge designed to evenly distribute costs BrightRidge incurs when providing electric service to customers. Examples of charges that are incurred are: meter reading, maintaining customer records, capital and maintenance costs, etc. In other words, whether customers use electricity or not, it costs to provide electric service to each and every customer. In order to spread the cost of supplying means to receive electric service evenly among customers, all customers (i.e. residential, commercial, and industrial) are charged a customer charge.

Question 5:

May I make payment arrangements on my electric bill?

Answer 5:

Payment arrangements can be requested by speaking to one of our customer support advocates, weekdays 8 am to 5 pm. You may contact Customer Support at 423-952-5272, option 3. Any arrangements will include the monthly amount due, plus late fees. At least one-half of the monthly balance must be paid before arrangements can be made. Some exclusions may apply.

Question 6:

Why do the BrightRidge meter readers sometimes not get out of their vehicles to read my meter?

Answer 6:

BrightRidge’s advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) functions as a hybrid network that transmits information between BrightRidge’s headquarters and its equipment through wireless and wired communications. The AMI system enables greater communications and controls for our system. They enable BrightRidge to collect meter readings multiple times a day, detect outages and changes in voltage at each service point, connect/disconnect services remotely, and operate direct load (DLC) devices on participating customers’ appliances.

Question 7:

When rates change, how does that affect the price I pay for energy used before or after a rate change?

Answer 7:

BrightRidge reads customer meters in cycles. Meters are read and billed every business day. One billing cycle may be read at the end of one month or the beginning of the next month. Since meters are read once every 28 to 32 days, there is no way to determine when energy is used before or after a rate change. Therefore, the only feasible solution is to apply new rates after their effective date to accounts issued according to their designated billing cycle.

Question 8:

What percentage of my electric bill accounts for actual electricity use?

Answer 8:

About 80 percent of your monthly electric bill is purchased power from the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA). The remaining 20 percent represents BrightRidge’s operation and maintenance expense, depreciation and taxes, interest expense and capital reinvestment.

Question 9:

How can I change my password to access my account online?

Answer 9:

To change your password: select “can’t access your account” link and login to page. A new temporary password will be emailed.

Question 10:

I have a security light that is not working. Who do I call to have it repaired?

Answer 10:

You may contact the BrightRidge Service Department at 952-5025 to report a security light that is not working. For more information on BrightRidge security lights, visit the programs and services section under “Your Home.”