Public Power

What’s public power?

Simply put, public power is local people pulling together to meet local needs. Years ago, public power changed our lives forever and helped shape America into what it is today. Each day we all enjoy the many wonderful benefits of electricity – warm water, heating and cooling, lights, computers, television and radio, and the list goes on and on. Since 1945, BrightRidge has provided you with reliable, not-for-profit, hometown electric service. Whether you’re at home or at work, we provide the power you need – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. BrightRidge is proud to be YOUR public power company!

Public power benefits?

There are many benefits of public power. Providing you safe and reliable electricity is at the top of the list. Since BrightRidge is a public power utility, it is also our goal to provide you with the lowest possible rate for the electricity you use – not to make a profit. BrightRidge is local business serving local business. We do not have stockholders in a faraway state making decisions about our company. Because public power is locally controlled, we help set and achieve the economic and environmental goals of our community.

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