About BrightRidge

BrightRidge has been serving the energy needs of Johnson City and surrounding areas since 1945. This photograph of a BrightRidge linecrew was taken at our former Roan Street location in the mid-1950’s.


Built in 1888 by James F. Crumley, the original electric plant was to be succeeded by the Watauga Lighting and Power Company as early as 1891. This would not be the last time the company would change hands. On August 1, 1902, the Johnson City-Jonesborough Electric Light and Power Company purchased the Watauga Lighting & Power Company...

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BrightRidge has one service location at 2600 Boones Creek Road, Johnson City, TN, which is centrally located in regards to our service area.

Service Area

BrightRidge provides electricity and related programs, services, and products to the following areas: all of Washington County, as well as parts of Carter, Greene, and Sullivan Counties. As of this date, BrightRidge provides electric service to approximately 77,000 customer metered locations.

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Business Hours

BrightRidge general business hours are 8AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.

After hours emergency service is available at:
2600 Boones Creek Road, Johnson City, Entrance #1.

You may contact us at 423-952-5000 or online.


BrightRidge services approximately 77,000 metered customers. Needless to say, we receive thousands of calls each day. Our automated phone system, which was added in 2002, has allowed us to respond to a greater call volume; however, we are constantly working to improve this system. Main number: 423-952-5000.


Walk with our customers and employees with respect while providing reliable, relevant services to empower our community.

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Public Power Works for You

Public power today is an important, contemporary American institution. From small towns to big cities, wherever public power exists, it is an expression of the American ideal of local people working together to meet local needs. It is an expression of the local control that is at the heart of our federalism system.

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